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Temperature and Humidity – Hygrometer Controller

The LED height can be selected from 1.8 inches to 12 inches. It can be customized in a single row, double row display or multi-row display for temperature, humidity, pressure, gas measurement, etc. It is suitable for long-distance observation on various occasions. It adopts high-brightness LED digital tube display, the display number is clear, and the visible distance reaches 10-100 meters. Anyone in the workplace can see the change of temperature and humidity in a conspicuous manner. If there is an abnormality, it can be done for the first time. Found that it is the first choice for indoor monitoring of workshops, warehouses, archives, cold storage, clean rooms, offices, communication rooms and so on.


● Supports temperature and humidity sensor with high measurement accuracy.
● Our customers: Australian National Museum, Pharmaceutical State Grid Corporation and Foxconn Group.
● The device calibration function is supported and can be set by pressing the button.
● The appearance is simple and sleek, the structure is firm and is tested by the Australian Government to meet the national GSP/GMP certification requirements.