P10 Led Module

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A P10 panel or module is a type of led panel used in the construction of video walls, matrix displays and digital signage screens. The “P” refers to the pitch or spacing between each LED and the “10” refers to the actual spacing between the LED pixels. Panels or modules also come in different sizes with a range of pixel densities. When you read about P10 panels we are actually referring to RGB LED, 32 columns wide and 16 rows high, 1/8 scan rate panels. The typical size is 320mm x 160mm.


What do I need to buy for a Led Sign?

The following items are usually found in our digital signage displays.

What software will I need?

Depending on the Led Controller Card you select, determines the software you will use to control your digital screen. Customized Led recommends the NovaStar T3 Controller Card.

You can also check out our Digital Signage Software downloads page for software examples.

Just how big of a screen can I have?

Depending on the controller card support can be all the way up to 64 panels, 8 panels on 8 outputs. For the supported P10 Panels this is a coverage area of 3.27 Square Meters or 256 pixels wide by 128 pixels high. You can also configure your display with receiving cards to get an even larger Digital Sign display.

What will it cost me?

This will depend a little on how you configure your display and what Controller Card and add-ons you require.

A common size array being considered, 128pixels x 32 pixels, a 4w x 2h set of panels.

8 * $20 = $160 + shipping
1 * Led Module: approx $70
1 * Octoscroller approx: $10
1 * 5v PSU: $45
Misc cables $10

All Customized Led Software is free of charge, courtesy and thanks to the Customized Led team and engineers.

So for a couple of hundred dollars, you get a 4096-pixel digital display to use for your signage or as a display advertisements.

Customized Led also build VMS Trailer Signs and Custom Led Message boards.

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