What is led display?

led display is a flat panel display, which uses an array of light-emitting diodes (LED) as pixels for a video display. A pixel is a cluster of two, three or four leds.                                                               

LED display which is also called led display screen, led display board, led billboard, led screen, led sign, led advertising board, led panel, led digital display,  led video wall, electronic or programmable led display etc.

When you compare with others, pay attention to the Pixel pitch, Screen size, LED brightness, Cabinet material and what’s included with the price.

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of an led cluster/pixel to the center of the next led cluster/pixel measured in millimeters. Pixel pitch typically ranges from 4mm up to 20mm for indoor used led display; pixel pitch can range from 10mm to 34mm or higher for outdoor used led display.

pixel pitch

Pixel pitch is important?

Pixel pitch correlates display resolution and optimal viewing distance direct. The smaller the pixel pitch number, the more pixels used to make up the image on led display, then improving the resolution and optimal viewing distance. The lower the pixel pitch, the closer a viewer can stand to the led display and still have a high resolution.

pixel pitch module

Smaller pixel pitch is the best for you?

Having a smaller pixel pitch does make your led display in high resolution, but cost more. Have smaller pixel pitch, means you increase the number of led clusters/pixels. The more led clusters/pixels in your led display, the higher expense you will have. You can choose the pixel pitch according to audience’s viewing distance. If close to the screen, such as store indoor video wall, you can consider 4mm, 5mm, 6mm pixel pitch. If not close to the screen, such as commercial building, then 10mm, 12mm or bigger pixel pitch maybe the best for you. The display size, application and installation also need to be considered.

What is led module?

Led module is a unit that composes of leds, case, connections, PCB, mask and plastic housing that can be lighten up and controlled by software.

Pixel pitch                         Led module size (W*H)                      Module resolution (W*H)

P3                                                192*192 mm                                                  64*64 dots

P4                                                256*128 mm                                                  64*32 dots

P5                                                320*160 mm                                                  64*32 dots

P6                                                384*192 mm                                                  64*32 dots

P7.62                                           244*122 mm                                                  32*16 dots

P10                                              320*160 mm                                                  32*16 dots

P5 led module

What is led cabinet?

Led cabinet is composed of led modules, which is supported by an iron, aluminum or die-casting frame. It could be non-waterproof (IP30) for indoor used, waterproof (IP65, IP67) for outdoor used. Also could be simple cabinet, standard cabinet and front-open cabinet. Simple cabinet doesn’t have backdoors, standard cabinet has backdoors. If you can make good water-proof and dust-proof system for your led display, simple cabinet is an economical solution with budget limited.

led module

LED Cabinet

led cabinet

Simple led cabinet ( without backdoors )

led cabinet

Standard outdoor led cabinet ( with backdoors )

led cabinet

Standard indoor led cabinet ( with backdoors )

led cabinet

Curve led cabinet ( for curve led display )

led cabinet

Die-casting aluminum led cabinet ( for rental used led display )

( flat and firm, high definition, less weight )

led cabinet

Stadium led display cabinet ( with angle- adjustable design )

circular led display

Circular led cabinet ( circular led display )

front-open led cabinet

Front-open led cabinet ( easy for maintenance )

right angle led cabinet

Right angle led cabinet ( for corner led display )

LED display will be available for where?

LED display, their brightness allows them to be used outdoors in-store signs and billboards, and they have also become commonly used in destination signs on public transport vehicles, sports stadiums, public squares, train stations, airports, highways, commercial plazas, subways, parks, shopping centres, on tall buildings and for corporate image promotion and advertising. LED displays are capable of providing general illumination in addition to visual display, as when used for stage lighting or other decorative purposes.

What LED display is suitable for your LED project?

LED display can be non-waterproof for indoor used, and waterproof for outdoor used.

LED display also can be designed for stage rental used, football stadium used, fixed installation used, traffic/ taxi use, mobile trailer/ truck used, curve/arc shape etc.

According to different application areas, it is divided into 3 types of installation types, which are fixed installation, lease hoisting installation and stadium fence installation.

For fixed installation, it can be on the wall, built-in the wall, stand on the ground floor, stand on the pillar and hanging.

installing types

1. Wall-hanging type

wall-hanging type

1) Wall-hanging type, always for outdoor or semi-outdoor led display.      

2) For small size led display, normally the cabinet without maintenance channel space, need to take off the whole display before repair it, or made it with a folding-set cabinet.

3) For bigger size led display, normally use the cabinet with front-open design(front maintenance), easy for inside checking and repairing, it is suitable for the location where there is no space for rear maintenance.

front-open design

Cabinet with front-open design (front maintenance)

2. Pillar base type

Single Pillar base

1) Normally it is for outdoor advertising led display.      

2) Single- pillar base is available for small size led display.      

3) Double- pillar base is available for big size led display.              

4) Rear maintenance channel is available for led display with simple cabinet.

5) Open maintenance channel is available for led display with standard cabinet.

Double Pillar base

3. Cantilever type


1) Mostly it is used for indoor or semi-outdoor led display.        

2) Normally for application area of passageway, corridor entrance, bus station, train station and subway station entrance.

 3) Also for traffic guidance on the highway, railway, toll highway.  

 4) The led display will be designed with integrated cabinet, or hoisting structure.

4. Hanging type

Hanging -type

1) Be similar with cantilever type, with integrated cabinet design, available for indoor and semi-outdoor used led display.

5. Built-in type

Built-in- type

1) Led display built in the wall completely, display surface and wall surface at the same level.  

2) Normally use simple cabinet and front- open design.                                                              

3) Available for indoor or outdoor used, but usually for led display with small pixel pitch and in big size.                                                                                                                                        

4) Normally for application areas of gate or hall of high building.

6. Standing type

Standing -type

1) Normally with integrated cabinet design.                                                                                

2) Available for indoor used led display with small pixel pitch.                                                  

3) Usually available for small size led display, mainly for LED TV design.

7. Roof type

Roof -type

1) For this installation type, the key is wind-resistance.                                                              

2) Normally with slope angle installation, or led module with inclined 8 degree design.          

3) In order to ensure having a better perspective/ visual angle, the display surface and the wall have 5 -8 degrees of slope angle.

8. Stadium -fence type

Stadium fence- type

1) Available for one lap fence around football field (professional football courts, basketball courts).                                                                                                                                          

2) LED display’s visual angle can be adjusted according to the slope of the support, angle-adjustable design ensure that the led display content can be viewed by audience.                      

3) With soft silica gel cover and soft arc roof design, in order to avoid sport injuries, protect both the display and players.

9. Lease hoisting type

1) For rental led display, it can be used in many sites, as it is easy to disassemble and combine together for smaller or bigger size.                                                                                              

2) Available for led display in common size, not available for big size, normally request 6 x 10m or smaller led display (except led display with special material and curtain type).              

3) With hanging beam/ truss at the top of frame structure, and with bottom beam/ truss at the bottom. Hanging beam/ truss is used for hanging the led display.                                              

4) Between cabinet lines, connect with hoisting mechanism. Between horizontal cabinets, connect with lock catch and tighten up.                                                                                        

5) Hoisting mechanism: gear type, cone rod type and bolt type.                       Gear type: expensive, but looks beautiful. Cone rod type: with moderate price, and reliable. Bolt type: cheap price, reliable, but difficult to combine, available for not repeated installation.

10. Curve type

curve- type led display

1) LED display’s length can be initially determined by circle’s or curve’s circumference, and divided by led module’s length, then can confirm led modules’ quantity.                                    

2) Frame structure must be customized according to curve led display’s size.

How to control the LED display?

1. By synchronous control system (signal source synchronization)

Led display will display video after computer send video (signal) to it, usually it is used for big size led display.

synchronous control system
synchronous control mode

2. By asynchronous control system (available with WIFI, network cable or USB)

If you download video from USB driver as display content, send download video (signal) to control card for displaying. Usually it is used for small led display.

synchronous control system (signal source synchronization)

What about the packaging?

Plywood case

led display packing

Flight case

flight case